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X3 Under Dash Accessory Fuse Block

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Sloppy wiring jobs are ugly, potential safety hazards to you and your machine, and can damage your expensive accessories. The OEM accessory wire is too small and only has a 10 amp fuse. We have seen and have fixed a lot of bad wiring in our shop. Fixing these jobs and even installations were time consuming and difficult. We needed a way to make initial installation fast and easy, make future accessory installs simple, take extra load off the under-sized OEM wiring, and make it easily accessible for maintenance.

Our 12 fuse under-dash kit is that solution. Like the name says it provides room for 12 fused accessories on a marine grade body, mounted on a laser cut plate specifically for your application, where they are easy to access and still protected from extreme conditions. The fuses are relayed so you get direct battery power without being able to accidentally leave something on and kill your battery. This fuse block is pre-wired to connect to the factory busbar and it is pre-assembled on the mounting plate so install is fast.

Assembled fuse block on mounting plate
Relayed Fuse Block-to-Busbar wiring harness
Mounting Hardware
40 amp fuse


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