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Donaldson Air Intake System

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Vent Racing Technologies is proud to offer our new Polaris RZR air intake system using a Donaldson twin filter design. The Polaris RZR air intake system is a 100% BOLT ON intake and boasts one of the most impressive dust efficiency percentages in the world.

The Polaris RZR air intake features two filters that take care of dust before it gets in to the engine as well as a cyclone can that shoots dust out of a spout on the back of the Polaris RZR air intake. A must have for anyone worried about their stock intake taking in too much dirt! This Polaris RZR air intake system is 99.99% efficient which means it lets 1 out of every 10,000 particles in to the motor. Compare this to about 97% on any other filter out there you can see this is a great filter system for your RZR.

The kit comes complete with filter system, cyclone outer shell, brackets and mounting belts. Works on any year RZR 800, or RZR S 800.

- If you need a replacement Safety Filter only please refer to this product.

- If you need a replacement Primary Filter only please refer tothis product.

- Save 12% when you buying both Primary (paper filter) and Safety (fiber filter) together here.


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