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170 K&N Intake System

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Vent Racing Technologies' thru the bed intake system for the Polaris RZR 170 improves horse power and performance. Ourinnovative CNC aluminum plate is designed so the K&N filter can mount super lower to the bed and still allow for maximum air flow and support. Other 'kits' out there still use a tall filter and out datedplate design which is much more intrusive. Our kit also includes a silicone reducing elbow instead of the hard elbow in other kits. This takespressure off thecarburetor body and lets our mounting plate do the work. Our kit increases reliability as well as horse power.

The kit comes complete with jets, aluminum intake pipe, silicone reducing elbow, K&N Filter, Outerwear pre-filter, and billet plate to hold the intake securely.

Jets are included in the kit. They are our best attempt to help you get started. Jetting a carb is specific to engine set up, elevation, and riding conditions. You will have to rejet. The kit jets may or may not be the total solution. Additional jets may need to be used and can be purchased at your local dealer.

Please select which carb you are using so we can supply the correct diameter elbow.

***This kit will require professional tuning. (We can not solve tuning issue over the phone. No matter how good you are at making the engine noises.)
*** This kit is not a "fix all" for a 170 that has existing issues.


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